We at the Ice Club are a small team of individuals dedicated to producing the highest quality ice products. 


For 42 years we have produced and distributed ice products especially for London's hospitality industry.  Recently, however, we have reacted to a growth in interest among discerning consumers and mixologists across the country looking to enhance their drinks experience. 


We have therefore developed our successful Diamond Collection and are releasing it for general sale.​

Ice Club products are all manufactured at our dedicated modern facility in Crawley, West Sussex.  The site carries a BRC 'A' Grade, assuring you that we are dedicated to the highest standards of food safety.

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We at the Ice Club also care deeply for the environment. 

Not because it is fashionable or because we hope it will make you like us, but because we are daily involved in the direct consumption of the Earth's raw materials and that focusses the mind.  

We aim to be a responsible manufacturer, which means we consider the impact of how and what and how we consume.

We are committed to minimising wastage in terms of water and power.

We persistently challenge our packaging suppliers to increase the use of recycled
and recyclable materials, consistent with food safety. 

We have invested heavily in water recycling plant to further minimise wastage.

We regularly review the viability of renewable energy sources.

(Our product is naturally vegan, and gluten free!).