Dear Customers,

Due to the nationwide shortage of carbon dioxide (CO2) used for dry ice production, we are currently unable to fulfill any dry ice orders.

This page will be updated as soon as the dry ice products are back in stock.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

What is Dry Ice?

  1. Dry Ice is a common name for the solid form of Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

  2.  The temperature of Dry Ice is -78° C.

  3. Dry ice does NOT melt. It transforms from a solid to a gas though a process called sublimation.

  4.  Dry Ice is colorless, tasteless, odorless and bacteriostatic

What is Dry Ice Used For?​​

  • Temperature controlled Product Distribution

  • Special theatrical effects such as smoke and fog

  • Dry Ice Cocktails - always make dry ice cocktails in the presence of a trained professional!

  • Cleaning of industrial equipment

  • Food chilling in flight catering service

  • Science experiments in schools

Dry Ice Safety

Never place dry ice in the mouth or ingest it.

Never let dry ice touch your skin as it can cause severe burns.

Never handle or store dry ice in enclosed areas.

Never serve a drink that contains dry ice without warning your customer.


Surface temperature of dry ice is extremely cold (-78 C).

Always handle Dry Ice with care and wear protective cloth and thermal gloves whenever touching it. If touched briefly it is harmless, but prolonged contact with the skin will freeze body cells and cause injury similar to a burn (frost bite).


Store Dry Ice in an insulated container. The thicker the insulation, the slower it will sublimate. Dry Ice should not be stored in an airtight containers. Sublimation of Dry Ice to Carbon Dioxide gas will cause any airtight container to expand or possibly explode. Keep proper air ventilation wherever Dry Ice is stored. Do not store Dry Ice in unventilated rooms, cellars, autos or boat holds. The sublimated Carbon Dioxide gas will sink to low areas and replace oxygenated air. This could cause suffocation if breathed in exclusively. Do not store Dry Ice in a freezer of refrigerator as the extremely cold temperature will cause the thermostat to turn off the freezer. It will keep everything frozen in the freezer but it will be used up at a faster rate. It is the perfect thing to use if your refrigerator breaks down in an emergency. There are Commercial Storage Containers available to store Dry Ice.


Unwrap and leave Dry Ice at room temperature in a well-ventilated area,It will sublimate from a solid to a gas with no residue left. This way Dry Ice is very eco friendly.