High Cubes are a relatively new addition to the Diamond Collection, originally cut as a bespoke item for one of London's top hotel bars. They are designed with long drinks in mind and look fantastic in any highball glass.


The secret to your perfect Gin & Tonic

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Key features:

  • ​Size: 11x4x4cm

  • Crystal clear ice made from pure, UV-filtered water

  • Manufactured at our modern facility in Crawley, West Sussex

  • Best for: highballs like a Gin and Tonic or Whiskey Soda

Lift your spirits

As with all Ice Club products, we cut our High Cubes from raw ice blocks which are grown carefully and deliberately over several days using only pure, UV-filtered water. This painstaking process eliminates mineral content and air bubbles, yielding perfectly clear ice that won't introduce unwanted taints or residue into your drink.

As professional mixologists know, oversize ice also reduces the contact surface area, minimising ice melt and therefore dilution of the drink. This allows you to chill your drink to the optimum temperature without compromising on aroma or flavour.

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