Bar Block Tray

and 30cm Handsaw

The special wooden drainage tray for ice block is designed for displaying ice block size of 50x27cm. The materials used are wooden bamboo, Water Resistant Plywood, Slip Resistant (spikey) transparent plastic, Waterproof LED RGB Submersible Light with Remote Control.

Use it for holding an ice block while cutting it with a Japanese Ice Saw, specially designed for cutting ice. Easy to grip handle, well equipped blade, and sharp teeth make it easy to cut through big ice blocks. Made in Japan.

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Japanese Knives

An ice designing knife made from steel and wood. It is safe to use with a one sided blade, in comparison to the dual sided blade. It's very sharp and cuts well into ice.

Pitchfork Ice Pick 175mm

Use the pitchfork ice pick for fragmenting large pieces of ice to create a perfect sphere out of an ice block.

We also supply beehive ice picks.